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Our invite-only network provides developer-focused ads based on your site content.

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Developer-focused ads

Our reports tell you which relevant, hand-picked advertisers are on your site. Never worry about distracting ads on your site.

No tracking

We target ads based on your site content, no tracking required. Your site deserves GDPR-compliant, beautiful ads. Not cookie banners.

Talk to a human

Our ad network is run by people who understand web publishing and open source. Unlike other networks, a real human is 1 email away.

One beautiful ad

We only show one ad, because your site deserves to look great. Rest easy knowing that you fully control how to integrate the ad into your site.

A real ad we might run

Join the only developer-focused ad network with no tracking

100+ sites trust our fully open source, privacy-focused product.

Read more about our vision for advertising without invasive tracking.

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You're in great company

These developer-focused sites have found great success with EthicalAds. You will too!

RoutineHub is a community for sharing Siri shortcuts on iOS. EthicalAds helped them expand to meet demand during the last big iOS upgrade.

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daily.dev uses EthicalAds to fund its large developer community and make the project sustainable.

Learn more »

Flask is one of the most popular Python web development frameworks. They use our EthicalAds to get funding for their community to maintain their software.

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Become a publisher today

Tell us more about you and your site and we'll get back to you about joining our EthicalAds network.

On average, how many pageviews per month does your site do?
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We take privacy seriously and we don't share your email. You aren't going to be added to any mailing lists.

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What are the steps?

  1. Fill out the publisher form. Then we'll evaluate your site and get back to you with any questions.
  2. Once you're approved, we create an account for you that shows test ads. You integrate our client into your site, let us know, and we review your placement.
  3. Once we've approved your site, paid ads start showing. After you've made $50, we send you money!

How much will I make?

Generally publishers see around $2.00 per 1,000 pageviews (CPM), assuming most of your traffic is from the EU & North America. These numbers will vary based on your audience and topics that you write about.

Any important policies?

When you show an ad on your site:

  • EthicalAds should be the only ad network on your site (your own promotions are fine)
  • The ad should appear when the user first visits, above the fold, on both desktop and mobile.
  • The ad should not disrupt the natural reading flow of the page. It should be placed above, beside or below the main content, not within it.

See our full Ad Display Policy.

How can I be paid?

We currently support payment via PayPal, OpenCollective, and Wire transfer. Our minimum payment to publishers is currently $50, so you need that amount to receive a payment.

See our full Payout Policy.

Have more questions? Our Publisher FAQ has more answers!

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