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The Pallets projects, makers of Flask, wanted a way to cover the incidental expenses of running a large, successful open source project.

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About Pallets projects

Like many successful open source projects, Pallets had plenty of users but no income. While the Pallets projects, like Flask, Jinja, and Click, are primarily maintained by volunteers, they still have incidental expenses such as servers, email, and some larger ones like organizing FlaskCon, and helping maintainers attend events. Historically, Pallets funded their few expenses with advertising on documentation and project pages.

When the GDPR went into effect, the ad network Pallets was using decided not to take any action at all. Pallets knew they couldn't continue to use a non-compliant network. They had recently started hosting documentation on Read the Docs, and the switch to using EthicalAds made sense, and aligned more closely with their values.

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The Pallets projects create and maintain Python web development libraries like Flask, Werkzeug, and Jinja.

“We wanted the revenue from ads while respecting our users' privacy and attention. EthicalAds was the perfect fit, delivering high quality, privacy, and a wonderful team.”

David Lord
David Lord
Lead Developer for Pallets

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