Publisher's Guide

Good ad placement starts with good focus.

Our EthicalAds client should get you started hosting ads but for guidance on how to ensure your ads perform well, read on.

Ad Placement Advice

Without tracking users, the best way to make sure ads perform well is to have a good placement to have good targeting based on content. A good ad placement means the ad is clearly visible and separate from the content of the page. How long the ad is visible on the page is also a factor. If the UX of your site means that users quickly scroll past ads, the ads on your site won't perform well.

For better content targeting, letting us know about the content of your pages with page-specific keywords, can allow us to better target the ads. For example, we can target an ad for a DevOps related service to DevOps related content.

Better performance and better targeting will generally result in more money for publishers like yourself. While most advertisers pay per impression, some pay per click which yields more money for better performance. Content targeted ads to more specific content can also results in higher click through rates and we charge higher rates for more targeted ads.

Still have questions? Checkout our full Publisher Policy and Publisher FAQ.

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