Publisher's Guide

Get setup with EthicalAds and maximize your site's ad revenue

Step #1: Apply

The first step is applying to be a publisher. We're actively seeking developer-focused sites with 50k+ monthly pageviews. Once accepted, you'll have access to our publisher dashboard with reporting.

Step #2: Setup

Setup the EthicalAds ad client on your site with your custom ID from our publisher dashboard. Out of the box you'll serve unpaid ads until your site is approved for paid ads.

Step #3: Approval

After configuring our ad client and seeing your first ad, the last step is to request approval for paid ads and configure how you'd like to be paid.

Getting approved

A single above-the-fold ad with good placement ...
Unacceptable placement - multiple ads on the page ...
  • EthicalAds should be the only ad on the page (your own promotions are fine).
  • The ad should be above the fold on both desktop and mobile. You can disable the ad on mobile if this isn't possible.
  • The ad should not disrupt the natural reading flow of the page. It should be placed above, beside or below the main content, not within it.

For more details, see our publisher policy.

Maximize UX & Revenue

To ensure your site generates as much revenue from ads as possible, you need to make sure your ad placement and targeting complement your content.

  • Choose the right ad placement for your site. There are options for vertical, horizontal, dark mode, text-only, or floating placements.
  • Our site crawler will periodically crawl your site and index your pages so we can serve the best ad on any individual page with AI-powered contextual targeting. However, on single-page apps (SPAs) or publishers using our API, you can pass page-specific keywords to ensure you get the best ad targeting.
  • We have support for SPAs to help improve targeting and dynamic ad rotation.
  • There are easy ways to show your own promotions when we do not have a paid ad to show or to fallback to another ad network.

For more options, see our ad client docs.

More questions

How much will I make?

Try our publisher calculator to get an estimate of your monthly payout. Generally publishers see around $2.50 per 1,000 pageviews (CPM), assuming most of your traffic is from the EU & North America. These numbers will vary based on your audience and topics that you write about.

How can I be paid?

We currently support payment via PayPal, OpenCollective, GitHub Sponsors, or a bank transfer (via Stripe). Our minimum payment to publishers is currently $50, so you need that amount to receive a payment.

See our full Payout Policy.

Have even more questions? Our Publisher FAQ has more answers!

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