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About daily.dev

daily.dev needed a way to fund their large developer community that could grow with them.

daily.dev brings together 500 hand-picked news sources, which are ranked by their developer community to determine which is the best content each day. This content is categorized into 200 different tags, allowing users and advertisers alike to highly targeted content through the application.

Through a partnership between EthicalAds, daily.dev has continued to invest in their product to produce new features. daily.dev is growing exponentialy, and has sustained that growth for the past year.

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daily.dev provides a curated feed of new content to thousands of developers each day, acting as their homepage on the internet.

“EthicalAds allows us to target our advertising by topic, providing a better ad experience for our community members.”

Ido Shamun
Ido Shamun
Co-founder & CTO of daily.dev

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