EthicalAds creative specs & design

Our ad specifications as well as some tips and tricks

Ad body

The ad body can be up to 100 characters and can include an optional bold headline and call to action.

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Ad image

The image is 240*180 pixels to support high resolution displays, and is displayed at 120*90px. The image can be optional to support publishers who use text-only ads.

Ad image example

Landing page URL

The URL is where users land after clicking and can include measurement parameters so you know the traffic came from us.

Tips to improve your ad performance

  • Provide 2 or more variations of the ad.
  • Make sure to provide at least one of a headline or call to action.
  • Logo-only images can work but they work best if the brand is well-known to devs.
  • Product images, diagrams, or infographic-style images work very well.
  • Make sure any text in the image is visible and legible. We recommend using at most 5-7 words to ensure they are readable.

For more tips and tricks, check out our advertiser guide.

Top performing examples

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We check-in on your campaign multiple times with tips about what is working and what isn't. We want your campaign to work well and we give you advice throughout the duration and work with you to make it successful.

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