A developer-focused, privacy-obsessed ad network from the fine folks at Read the Docs


We are expanding the same great ads used by Read the Docs into a larger ad network. With reach to over 35 million developer impressions each month, we are an ad network for developers by developers.


Every advertiser and publisher is hand approved to ensure that every ad is relevant and interesting and our audience remains 100% developers.


We believe good advertising should compliment content and never get in the way. That's why we built a network that complies with AcceptableAds, BetterAds, and DoNotTrack.

Over 1 billion ads served since 2016

We have been running a high scale advertising network for over 4 years on our first party sites.
We're now ready to expand to additional publishers to take open source sustainability to the next level.

JSBin is a live-updating text editor for Javascript. They use our fixed footer text ad to help make their open source project sustainable.

Code the Web teaches people how to create content on the web. They use our text ad in their sidebar to monetize this content and keep producing.

Flask is one of the most popular Python web development frameworks. They use our image ad in their sidebar to get funding for their community to maintain their software.

Interested in ads on your site?

Our EthicalAds network is a great place to generate revenue while increasing the privacy of the internet. We value the work you do in the tech industry, and we are interested in partnering with projects that also believe privacy is important.

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Want to get in front of our audience?

Reach millions of developers instantly on our advertising network. We allow targeting by topics and geography, so that you reach the exact audience that you want. Want to reach Data Scientists in the US? We can do that.

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Technical sites only

All of our sites are developer and open source websites. This makes all of our ads well targeted based on the specific topics the site is about, meaning more money for publishers and better results for advertisers.

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