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Tidelift helps organizations effectively manage the open source behind modern applications.

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About Tidelift

Through the Tidelift Subscription, the company delivers a comprehensive management solution, including the tools to create customizable catalogs of known-good, proactively maintained components backed by Tidelift and its open source maintainer partners.

Tidelift enables organizations to accelerate development and reduce risk when building applications with open source, so they can create even more incredible software, even faster.

Tidelift was looking to find new open source projects and reach open source users. They found their solution to both with EthicalAds which had great lead quality and got them in front of their exact target audiences.

Tidelift's catalog of supported open source

Tidelift offers a complete solution for managing, securing, and maintaining the health of your open source supply chain.

“Advertising with EthicalAds has been a great way to reach developers and users of open source. The CPL is much lower than other digital advertisement offers, and the audience is tailored to our mission.”

Amy Hays
Amy Hays
Digital Marketing Manager at Tidelift

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