EthicalAds Newsletter - December 2022

David Fischer
EthicalAds Newsletter - December 2022
Photo by Rodion Kutsaiev on Unsplash

New features

These are the major features we released in December:

  • We automated our training process for our ML model that classifies content to help show the most relevant ad to users. We are using LambdaLabs on-demand GPU instances to train our model whenever there are changes and a single training costs about $1. Full disclosure: LambdaLabs has used EthicalAds.
  • We released our Q1 prospectus which included a price reduction for campaigns focusing on all developers. Our prices are updated quarterly based on our supply of ad space for various topics and the demand from our advertisers.
  • Our campaign calculator got a few improvements to help people go from calculating to onboarded and advertising with EthicalAds.
  • We detailed our reporting interfaces in a new landing page. Advertisers frequently ask about the kind of information they get from us and we want to be as upfront as possible.

You can always see our latest server updates in our ethical-ad-server changelog and ethical-ad-client changelog.

December advertising stats

In December 2022:

  • We generated $39,205.17 for our publishers. This was a slight increase on November.
  • We had 148 publishers on our network with at least one paid ad impression.
  • We had 19,801,179 paid ad views across the world. This is a significant increase month-over-month but a lot of that is due to some lower priced but widely targeted campaigns.

While December held up pretty well in terms of growth, we are expecting a weaker January. The beginning of the year is frequently a weaker time of year but we've started to see some advertisers pull back and reduce spending. Advertising is an easy area to cut in a tougher economic environment but it usually also comes back quickly.

Upcoming features

The major features in our upcoming roadmap for January:

  • We'll be ramping up our sales efforts in January to try to fill all of our inventory and this will take significant focus.
  • In January, we plan to allow a way for advertisers to get report data out of a continually updated Google sheet in addition to our existing API.
  • We aim to produce a content piece about the positives and negatives (but mostly positives) of ad blockers and tracker blockers. All of our team uses some sort of blocking technology and in many ways it actually results in a better ad ecosystem.

Thanks again for being along with us on this journey to build an ethical ad network. Please email us if you have any ideas or feedback on our product or roadmap, we always love to hear from you.

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