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Get paid to host well-designed and privacy-first ads on your site.

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Custom design integration

Once approved as a publisher, you put a small JavaScript snippet on your site that you can style however you want.

No Cookies

We target ads based only on your sites content. This means No cookie banners and full GDPR compliance.

Beautiful ads

We know you work hard to make your site look and work great. We do the same, hand-picking avertisers so ads look great and work well.

Developer-focused ad network for online tools

We use the content of your pages to target advertising, so you'll only get ads that are relevent to your content. No ads that track your users around the internet. You can see every major advertiser that shows an ad on your site, right in your dashboard.


Existing tool makers on our network

Web developers trust our ads because our code was built privacy-first and it's completely open source! Read more about our privacy-first vision for advertising without invasive tracking.

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Routine Hub

Routine Hub


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How can I be paid?

We support monthly payment via PayPal, Open Collective, and bank transfer (Stripe connect). Our minimum payment to publishers is $50, as which point we'll process a payment to you. See our full Payout Policy for more detail.

How much will I make?

Revenue will vary based on the location of your audience. Generally publishers see around $2.00 per 1,000 pageviews (CPM), assuming a majority US and European traffic.

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We are looking for developer-focused sites doing 50k+ pageviews per month.
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