Information about our Developer Audience

Marketing to developers has never been easier with our developer-focused ad network.

The best ads and ad campaigns know exactly who their audience is and how to guide them toward the desired action. Advertising with EthicalAds is no different.

Topic-targeting at a glance

While virtually all of EthicalAds' visitors are software developers, our visitors have many different topics of interest. A breakdown of our topic views in February of 2022

  • The EthicalAds network is particularly popular in the Python community (~60% of all pageviews mention Python).
  • Our 5 main topic groupings, frontend, backend, devops, data science, and security/privacy account for over 80% of our pageviews and is a fast and effect way to connect you with your relevent audience.

Geographic breakdown

  • EthicalAds' audience is geographically distributed with about a third each coming from the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Our largest traffic source countries are the USA + Canada (~22%), the United Kingdom + France + Germany (~13.5%), and India (~10%).
  • While many pages are localized, over 90% of views are for English language pages.
  • Normalizing for timezones, the EthicalAds network's peak usage is during business hours as many of our users are viewing our ads while actively debugging code or looking for a new technical solution in the regular course of their job.

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