Python Software Foundation & EthicalAds working to promote open source sponsorship

Eric Holscher
Python Software Foundation & EthicalAds working to promote open source sponsorship

We're excited to announce a partnership with the Python Software Foundation. The PSF is using EthicalAds to power their sponsor promotion across their ecosystem of web properties: helping them deliver value to their sponsors.

The problem

Previously the PSF was just putting static images for their sponsors on their web pages. This was done manually, and required a deploy of their website in order to get changes. This required multiple members of the team to coordinate, and resulted in lag time for getting sponsors on the website.

The PSF was looking for a way to promote their sponsors across a number of web properties, but have a single management and reporting mechanism. EthicalAds was a great solution for this, since we have a simple javascript client facilitate the sponsorship displays. The PSF also wanted to keep track of how many times each sponsor image has been seen and viewed. Having metrics allows them to quantify the value they are delivering their sponsors.

The solution

The PSF started with the sites that are already included in their sponsorship prospectus. They were able to integrate our ad client, and manage the targeting on the backend of our ad server. The properties we are currently implementing sponsorship on are:

Example PSF placement

PyPI sponsorship placement

You can see the PyPI integration looks similar to our normal ad placements, where the PSF sponsors page has a custom look and feel. We are able to customize each of the placements used in our sponsorship platform.

We’re happy to use EthicalAds for sponsor recognition across our web properties with centralized management and respect for privacy.

  • Ee Durbin, Director of Infrastructure, Python Software Foundation

With the new ability to show sponsorship logos on all of their properties, the PSF will be able to expand where sponsors are shown. All of these different integrations are also able to provide view & click statistics, without requiring any cookies by the user.

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