Community Ads Program - Request for Proposals

Ra Cohen
Community Ads Program - Request for Proposals
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Here at EthicalAds, we believe advertising can be used as a force for good, supporting open source and fostering community among devs across the world.

Seeking proposals for our Community Ads Program

As part of realizing our Advertising vision, we like to give back to the developer community by running free ads for open source projects and community initiatives like open source conferences. This is called our Community Ads Program. These ads are for developer serving initiatives that simply don't have the budget for paid advertising. Historically, we've been proactive about reaching out to causes that we personally attend like regional python conferences, but we'd love to support other initiatives.

Do you have an open source project that is entirely free to use that you'd like to share with the world? Do you run a conference or are starting a local chapter of a developer group that you'd like to advertise? Let us know!

Previous Community Ads

We've been running free ads for community events for years now in a variety of languages. Some examples of ads we've run before:

Want to give a talk at Pycon US 2022? Proposals open now until Dec 20th. Apply today!

An ad raising awareness for the Call for Proposals for Pycon US 2022.

¡Programa tus ideas sin límites durante todo un fin de semana all-inclusive!

An ad for a Spanish Python conference, PyCamp 2022.

Support your SF Bay Area PyCon. Join 750+ Pythonistas in San Francisco Aug 15-18

An ad for a Bay Area Python conference from 2019.

As you can see, these are often ads for regional technical conferences but they don't have to be. We'd love to run more ads supporting the developer community either by raising awareness for dev-focused charities or non-profit organizations.

Know of a worthy cause?

Spread the word by submitting a community ad application today!

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