EthicalAds Newsletter - November 2021

Ra Cohen
EthicalAds Newsletter - November 2021
The EthicalAds team: Eric, Ra, and David

Last month we were able to get the whole ads team together for our first ever in-person EthicalAds meetup!

New features

These are the major features we released in the last month:

  • Rolled out our new floating ad type for all publishers as well as implemented its usage on Read the Docs' own documentation. This is an opt-in feature that publishers can choose if they want a floating ad in the corner which is a pretty common setup.
  • Added a stripe integration so advertisers can view previous invoices.
  • Clarified flight completion/budget remaining progress bar.
  • Made some infrastructure improvements to better manage our load and isolate reporting from our live transactional data.

You can always see our latest server updates in our ethical-ad-server changelog and ethical-ad-client changelog.

November advertising stats

In November 2021:

  • We generated $34,679.11 for our publishers.
  • We had 102 publishers on our network with at least one paid ad impression.
  • We had 19,103,581 paid ad views across the world.

Given that November has a US holiday in it, we expected a drop in revenue and views. Imagine our surprise to see that our revenue actually increased in November by just over 8%!

Tricky bits

The holidays tend to slow down traffic and thus ad views/revenue across the world. We are expecting a decrease in our key performance metrics as the year wraps up.

Upcoming features

The major features in our upcoming roadmap:

  • Improved graphs in the ad server for advertisers and publishers.
  • Adding view time reporting to ensure high quality views are counted as such.
  • Highlighting our 10% discount on ad buys over $3000 in the flight report page.
  • Improved keyword detection in the ad client.

Thanks again for being along with us on this journey to build an ethical ad network. Please email us if you have any ideas or feedback on our product or roadmap, we always love to hear from you.

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