EthicalAds providing free analytics with Simple Analytics

Eric Holscher
EthicalAds providing free analytics with Simple Analytics
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EthicalAds is excited to be a part of the privacy-first ecosystem. We provide our publishers a revenue stream without compromising the privacy of their users, and we love supporting those sites moving away from any kind of tracking.

Today we're proud to announce that we've partnered with another privacy-first company, Simple Analytics, to enable you to have free privacy-first analytics on your site. They are a great alternative to Google Analytics, and pair well with EthicalAds as an alternative to Google Ads.

What is Simple Analytics?

Simple Analytics is a privacy-first analytics product. They provide similar promises to EthicalAds in terms of privacy, and have a similar audience of developer-focused sites.

Quoting from Simple Analytics' Our Promise page:

  • We will never collect personal information
  • We will never sell your data
  • No tracking pixels on our platform

Because they don't sell your data, they have to charge money to make the business work. We thought it was a shame that price would be a barrier to making the web more private, so we came up with a partnership.

Funding the privacy-first web

Thinking more deeply about our two different businesses, it seems like we could benefit each other in different ways. EthicalAds is about generating revenue for publishers, and Simple Analytics is a service those exact same publishers are likely buying. There are some pretty interesting ways to combine that when you focus on the actual sites using both of our tools. It really made us start thinking of ways that we could use EthicalAds to power the privacy-first revolution of website publishing.

Simple Analytics wasn't able to offer a free plan. Having a 14-day free trial allows users to try it, but we're excited about being able to offer a permanent free tier for developer-focused sites.

The offer

A Simple Account normally costs $19 a month for 100k page views and $59 for 1 million page views. In this joint offer, we would like to give away a free Simple Analytics account for everybody that starts publishing on EthicalAds. You can also apply if you already have a Simple Analytics subscription.

To get started apply to be a publisher and mention Simple Analytics in your email:

Apply to be a publisher

Offer Terms:

  • You have a developer-focused site
  • You have at least 20,000 paid ad views per month
  • You agree with our Publisher Policy
  • This deal is valid until December 31st, 2021, but we will continue to pay for Simple Analytics as long as you are a publisher on EthicalAds

When you sign up through this deal, EthicalAds will share your email with Simple Analytics so they can open a free account for you. When you don't publish anymore EthicalAds will signal Simple Analytics and your plan will convert to a paid account from that moment on. Simple Analytics will send you a message before they convert your account to paid.

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