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The campaign calculator can help you estimate and appropriately size and price your campaign based on your targeting parameters and desired conversions. Change different audiences or metrics, and choose the budget that is right for you.

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Campaign budget

This budget could be over just a few weeks or as long as a quarter. There is an automatic discount of 10% for campaigns over $3k and 15% for campaigns over $25k.


Ad click-through rate

How often do visitors who see your ads click on them. This can vary widely based on how finely targeted your campaign is and how tuned the ads are to our audience. Our network average is about 0.12%. Extremely focused campaigns can do as high as 0.3-0.5%.


Landing page conversion rate

How often does a visitor to your ad landing page take take the action you're looking for? This can vary widely depending on whether you're capturing emails, trying to get app downloads, or getting account signups.


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* 10% discount applied

* 15% discount applied

Number of impressions

Number of clicks

Number of conversions

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