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Thanks for your interest in working at Read the Docs on EthicalAds. We are a small team of five growing slowly and deliberately, and we’d love for you to join us.

About the company

Read the Docs is a large open source project providing documentation building and hosting. We do around 500 million pageviews each year across hundreds of thousands of software documentation projects.

Our ad serving is also open source and powers tens of millions of paid ad impressions every month without tracking users around the web. Open source maintainers and other developer-oriented projects earn around $25k/mo serving ethical ads. Serving ads on Read the Docs itself is also the largest single source of revenue for our company.

This role specifically is to help manage advertising relationships. Our primary mission is help sustain open source and deal with our publishers and advertisers in an ethical manner. We hope to grow your role to include sales and marketing aspects as we get our account management under control, based on your skillset and interests.

About the job

You will be the first person hired to work exclusively on advertising. Currently, of our small team, advertising is handled by Eric Holscher and David Fischer. You will work directly with the two of us and be able to have a big impact!

At any given time, we have 20-30 advertisers running active campaigns and around 100 publishers showing paid ads on their sites. In addition, there is a constant sales pipeline of new advertisers trying our network and publishers getting things integrated. These are a lot of relationships to manage and we want to make sure that both advertisers and publishers get the most out of using EthicalAds.

To start with, this role would be part-time at about 20-32 hours per week. You will help with advertiser sales, onboarding new advertisers, and fielding questions from advertisers and prospects. For publishers, you will also help with onboarding and support. While sales will be part of this role, this won't be the kind of role where you are generating sales with cold calling. Our sales process relies heavily on word of mouth and content marketing to get advertisers interested in our audience and mission. For publishers, we similarly use the network effects of folks seeing our ads to attract publishers to the platform. This is a hybrid role between sales and customer support but heavier on the customer service side. Our goal is to expand this to a full time role later in 2021.

Interest and skills in any of the following is a big plus so please let us know in your application:

  • Advertising
  • Open Source Software
  • Online privacy
  • Content marketing

Details and responsibilities

We have emails from publishers, advertisers, and prospective advertisers that come in each day, and its important for our customers and clients to get good and prompt support. Part of your responsibilities will be the first level of support and sales on these incoming emails. We have a shared email inbox for handling this. We are trying to make onboarding as consistent and repeatable as possible while still maintaining a human touch of ensuring our publishers are the highest quality and our advertisers will be the right fit for our audience.

After you get a feel for the common questions that come in, our goal is to have you create knowledge base content for these common questions. We want you to grow with us and take more responsibility in content marketing, blog posts, and making the onboarding process as smooth as possible. Again, you will be our first person we hire focused on advertising. You will have a lot of input on the direction our product and relationships take!


You will need very clear written communication skills both to clients and for our website and knowledge base. Experience in a sales, marketing, or customer service team is desirable but if you're excited to talk to clients regularly, you can pick up the necessary skills.

We hope you will grow with us as we grow. We are a small team and you will be given a lot autonomy in building and improving things, so being self-driven is an asset.

We are a fully remote company and our team is currently based in the US, South America, and in Europe. We hope to work with people that are based in a timezone where we have some overlap with the entire team, which is around UTC-8 to UTC+1.


This would be a contract position. The plan would be for us to contract with you to work between 4-5 days a week for 20-32 hours per week. Regularly taking off Monday or Friday would work, as would 5 shorter days throughout the week. The pay rate will vary with experience and the hours worked. We are looking for some one who is early to mid career or returning to their previous career with aspirations to grow into a business role with us.

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