Fixed Footer Ad Placements in our Ad Client

David Fischer
Fixed Footer Ad Placements in our Ad Client

Last month, we released a new feature in our ad client that enabled publishers to quickly and easily add a floating, text-only ad placement fixed to their site footer without having to write custom code. Ensuring an ad is unobtrusive, visible, and fits with the rest of a website goes a long way toward having good ad performance. By having a well-tested, high-performing placement out of the box, we can help publishers get something that works well quickly.


This feature is available to any publisher who wants to use it by setting the data-ea-style="fixedfooter" attribute on their ad placement. The mobile and desktop optimized ad is displayed without an image and only takes up a minimal amount of real estate on the page. See our full documentation on the feature for details.

A number of publishers had requested this feature and a few had built it themselves for their own site and we wanted to have a base implementation available for all our publishers. Already we've been recommending it to some new and a few existing publishers and we've seen a number of them choose use it.

If there are features you're interested to see in our ad client, please let us know.

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