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We are expanding the same great ads used by Read the Docs into a larger ad network. With reach to over 35 million developer impressions each month, we are an ad network for developers by developers.


Every advertiser and publisher is hand approved to ensure that every ad is relevant and interesting and our audience remains 100% developers.


We believe good advertising should compliment content and never get in the way. That's why we built a network that complies with AcceptableAds, BetterAds, and DoNotTrack.

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Developers read our sites to solve their problems. Your company could be the solution they are looking for. By putting your advertisement in front of our 100% developer audience, you can connect to your target market and achieve your business goals.

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You can see all our advertising information in our prospectus. Once you read through that, you can fill out our advertiser signup form to start the process.

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When you run a campaign with us, your ad only appears on developer and technical websites. This drives your business results and respects our audience without having to resort to programmatic ad buys.

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