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With reach to over 35 million developer impressions each month, we are an ad network for developers by developers.

Contextual ads

Each campaign is matched to the target audience on hand-approved publishers with a combination of contextual and geographic targeting.


Both advertisers and publishers get transparent reporting on which ads are shown where.

High-performing developer ads

Reach your exact developer niche with machine learning powered contextual targeting. Whether you are focused on data scientists or full stack devs, we ensure your ads are shown to your target audience.

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Tech marketers run successful campaigns with EthicalAds

We've helped hundreds of marketers reach developers and meet their advertising goals. Here's what they say about working with us.

"EthicalAds has been a great way to directly get Triplebyte in front of job-seeking developers."

Amy Dwarnick from Triplebyte
Amy @ Triplebyte

"Seriously, EthicalAds has been such a pleasure to work with!"

Lexi Lambert from SuperOrbital
Lexi @ SuperOrbital

"The CPL is much lower than other digital advertisement offers, and the audience is tailored to our mission."

Amy Hays from Tidelift
Amy @ Tidelift

We understand developers

Whether you're trying to reach developers or you have a developer-focused site you are trying to monetize, we can help.


Market to developers

Our developer ad network is transparent and keeps your brand safe. See exactly where your ads run and how they're performing in near real time.

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Generate ad revenue from your site without needing a cookie banner or worrying about compliance. EthicalAds never loads third-party scripts or pixels.


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